Corrosion resistance of titanium Gr7(Ti-0.2Pd)

  Gr7(Ti-0.2Pd)is α-titanium alloy, similar to industrial pure titanium in process and mechanical properties. When the amount of Pd added to titanium reached 0.1-0.2%, the corrosion rate of titanium in sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid significantly decreased, further increasing the content of Pd. The corrosion rate of alloy was almost unchanged, but when the content of Pd was lower than 0.05%, the corrosion rate increased instead. When the acid concentration is low, the Ti palladium alloy containing 0.13%Pd has satisfactory corrosion resistance, but when the acid concentration is high, Ti-0.2 Pd has better corrosion resistance, so it is more appropriate to use Ti-0.2 Pd.

  The data show that the corrosion resistance of Ti-0.2Pd in reducing medium is significantly better than that of industrial pure titanium, and the welding zone of Ti-0.2Pd is the same as the corrosion resistance of the base material. Ti-0.2Pd in charge of hydrochloric acid and the air in the air compared with steady potential significant positive move, corrosion speed could drop by 10 times, but in the acid solution of argon or nitrogen filling, constantly changing new corrosion solution or sample solution volume increase per unit area, the passivation performance of Ti-0.2Pd declined obviously, therefore should be avoided under the condition of anaerobic or oxidant completely using Ti-0.2Pd. Adding a small amount of palladium Gr7 titanium alloy corrosion resistance in oxidizing medium is improved, especially the crevice corrosion resistance. Therefore in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, chloride corrosion medium widely used.

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