Titanium Anode

Base material: CP Titanium (Gr1,Gr2 )
Technology: Electroplating
Size: Customization
Shape: Round bar,Mesh,Wire,Tube,Sheet,  Drawings from customer

Specfication : Custom made

Coating:Tailor made


Product Details

Titanium anode is one of the Dimensionally stable anodes (DSA), which are also called dimensionally stable electrode (DSE), precious metal-coated titanium anodes (PMTA), noble metal coated anode (NMCA), oxide-coated titanium anode (OCTA), or activated titanium anode (ATA), are composed of a thin layer (a few micrometers) of mixed metal oxides (MMO) such as RuO2, IrO2, PbO2, Ta2O5 on titanium metals.





Ruthenium Coated Titanium Anode

Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: RuO2, TiO2


Ruthenium & Iridium Coated Titanium Anode

Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: RuO2, IrO2, TiO2


Iridium & Tantalum Coated Titanium Anode

Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: RuO2, Ta2O5 , TiO2


Platinized Titanium anodes

Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: Pt, Pd, Au Rh, Ru, etc.



Category and application of titanium anodes


Product name




Classified by


Titanium anode with ruthenium oxide coating

Chlorate industry, caustic soda production, swimming pool disinfection, sodium hypochlorite production, seawater electrolysis, industrial water treatment, sewage treatment...

Titanium anode with iridium oxide coating

Electrochemical manufacturing of copper foil, continuous steel plate electroplating and tin plating, metal plating, circuit board reverse pulse copper plating, circuit board vertical continuous dc copper plating, electrolytic extraction of non-ferrous metals, surface treatment...

Platinum-plated titanium anode

Electrolysis water, cathodic protection, high-speed electroplating copper (electronic industry), precious metal electroplating (silver, gold), test electrode, organic electrolysis synthesis, electroplating industry, electroplating chromium, electrodialysis......

Classified by


Titanium anode for cathodic protection

Cathodic protection of underground metal structures, ship cathodic protection, seawater steel structures, buildings reinforced concrete cathodic protection, soil cathodic protection...

Titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator

In the health disinfection with: swimming pool disinfection, tableware disinfection, health food disinfection and other health directly related to the hypochlorite sodium generator... In environmental protection: hospital sewage treatment, various industrial wastewater treatment with sodium hypochlorite generator...

Titanium anode for chlor-alkali industry

Chlor-alkali chemical industry, chlorate industry, caustic soda production......

Titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection

Public swimming pool sanitation disinfection, private swimming pool sanitation disinfection, landscape recycling water treatment...

Titanium anode for electrolytic function water

Acid-base ionic water generator, various water electrolysis machine...

Titanium anodes for electrodeposition of metals

Electrolytic extraction or purification of Zn, Cd, Cu, Mn, Co, Ni, Cr and other non-ferrous metals......

Titanium anode for sewage treatment

Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, waste exudate treatment, fecal sewage treatment, oily wastewater treatment, engineering mine cyanide wastewater treatment, electrolysis in wastewater recycling metal, hospital sewage treatment, catering wastewater treatment......

Titanium anode for cooling water circulation

Cold water systems in power plants to remove mussels and algae, prevent algae growth in hull, prevent algae growth in cooling water systems in power plants/nuclear power plants...

Titanium anode for copper foil production and post-treatment

Copper foil production, copper foil post-processing......


Anode equipment

Sodium hypochlorite generator

Drinking water disinfection, medical germ-containing sewage disinfection, swimming pool water treatment, cooling circulating water treatment, intermediate water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, industrial waste water treatment...

Acid ion water electrolyzer

Inhibit the growth of bacteria, disinfection, pore convergence, skin care, beauty, fruits and vegetables cleaning, life water, food utensils disinfection......

Alkaline ion water electrolyzer

Drinking water, daily water...



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