Superconducting Product

Superconductor  used in a wide range of applications, including superconducting magnetic separator, magnetic-field-applied Czochralski crystal growth magnets (MCZ), Magnetic shielding and other applications.


Product Details

NbTi47 Rods 

Specification :Custom Made

Size : Dia6.35-190mm* 1000

Inventory size:Dia180mm/Dia114mm/Dia129mm/Dia190mm *500-800

MOQ: 100kg


NbTi Wires/Coils

Specification :Custom Made

Diameter: 0.5-2.0mm*L

MOQ: 2000meter



Nb3Sn Wires/Coils

Nb3Sn material has the nature of higher the upper critical magnetic field ~22 T (Hc2) and critical temperature ~18 K (Tc) than NbTi, so it is widely used in high magnet field.  Nb3Sn wire can be offered in both Internal Tin process and Bronze process, with  low hysteresis loss and high critical current.


NbTi47 Tubes/Pipes

Specification :Custom Made

Size: OD1-160*T0.15-16mm*6000mm

 MOQ: 50kg



NbTi47 Plates/Sheets

Specification :Custom Made/ASTMB393

Size: 1-20mm *8-800mm *400-500

MOQ: 30kg





Superconducting Product is one of the most widely used  materials in engineering applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Physics Research, and Fusion Energy and Science project Customized and the big effort is making to develop the customized superconductor for meeting the client’s demand. 


NOTICE: All superconducting materials must be used at a low temperature of 4.2 to have an effect.. 

If the user cannot provide cryogenic equipment, we will provide supporting YBCO molds according to customer requirements to ensure the best effect of niobium titanium products. 
For details, please send email to us for technical details.




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