Sputtering Target

We develops and produces various kinds of target materials, which

are used in glass coating, mobile phone computer touch screen,

computer screen and semiconductor function coating. Our technical

team can design and develop corresponding products according to

customers' special requirements.


Product Details

Traget Plates Supplying Capacity of XOT


Titanium niobium, Titanium nickel, Titanium tungsten, Tantalum titanium,

Zirconium, Hafnium, and chromium target plate

Titanium target Plates




Target Tube Supplying Capacity of XOT


Zirconium target tube, Titanium target tube, Niobium target tube

Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.


Target Tube
Dia140-156/dia125*2000-3900mm;  Dia154/125*1315mm;  Dia145-159/dia125*850-4000mm



Target Plate
18*244*3710mm;  20*244*3710mm;  18-23*280*3050mm;  15*250*3800mm;  18*240*3710mm




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