Features of titanium fittings

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     The titanium in the titanium fittings has stable chemical properties and good biocompatibility. In the human body, it can resist the erosion of exudates, has no damage to the human body, and conforms to any sterilization method. Because the titanium in the titanium coil has a fairly high corrosion resistance and stability, there will be no chemical reaction between the material and the drying time, so it is a metal that has no effect on people's body and will not cause excessive reactions.

     The low density, light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and weldability of titanium in titanium pipe fittings make it used in many fields: for chemical equipment, offshore power generation equipment, seawater desalination equipment, and ship parts , Electroplating industry and other industries. The corrosion resistance is 15% stronger than stainless steel, and the service life is about 10% longer than stainless steel.


1. Good corrosion resistance: Titanium pipe fittings work in humid air and seawater, and their corrosion resistance is significantly higher than that of stainless steel. It is strong in pitting, acid corrosion and stress corrosion.
2. Good low-temperature resistance: Titanium alloy can still maintain its mechanical properties at low temperatures.
3. High strength: The density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.51g/cm3, which is 60% of steel. The specific strength (strength/density) of titanium alloy is much greater than other metal structural materials.
4. High thermal strength: Titanium pipe fittings can be maintained for a long time at 450~500℃, and the strength is relatively high, but the specific strength of aluminum alloy decreases at 150℃, and the working temperature of titanium alloy can reach below 500℃. The temperature can reach below 200℃.
5. The surface is smooth without scaling layer, and the scaling coefficient is greatly reduced.
  The strength of titanium pipe fittings is higher than that of high-quality steel, and it has good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness. Titanium products are mostly used for aircraft and other parts and rocket, missile structural parts and titanium installation equipment.
Titanium Flanges
Titanium Gr2 flanges/blind langes/exhaust flanges/socket weld flange/
ASME B16.5 flanges/EN 1092 flanges/Gr5 welded Neck flange/Gr2
Slip on flange/Gr12 Plate-type Flat Welding Flange, also providing
nonstandard and customized titanium products. 
Hot Sell Products:
Gr7(Ti-0.2Pd)Titanium flanges/Ti-0.15Pd Alloy Flanes/UNSR52400  Flanges /TI-0.2PD GRADE 7 Flange
For Anti-corrosion applicaiton in Chemical.
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