Nitinol Sheet for Dentistry

Nitinol formula is NiTi. by its shape memory and superelastic characteristics, Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy distinguished from other has excellent properties, including kink resistance, biocompatibility and elasticity. the elements it’s composed of—nickel (Ni) and titanium (Ti), Nitinol is a trade name taken from it. nitinol contains these two elements at approximately equal atomic percentages.because of this the nickel content of this alloy has raised great concerns about its usefulness in the medical industry.

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) are one of the most promising smart materials available today, and they can provide the novel solution in several fields and for various applications (e.g. actuator, biomedical application, clamping systems, etc.). Shape  Memory Alloys demonstrate a unique ability to recover their initial shape after deformation through a reversible thermo-elastic phase transformation.
Among the commercially available SMA, nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti and Ni–Ti-based) alloys are outstanding due to their excellent performance, reliability, and strain recovery properties. Ni-Ti alloy is attractive for various medical applications due to its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and fatigue behavior.

The dimensions and photos of the products currently in stock are as follows
Application: dental teeth retainer.

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Application: Alveolar plate

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We also provide customized Nitinol Sheets for orthodontic bracket clips.
We offer a wide range of customized Nitinol Sheets to meet various thermo-mechanical conditions, surface finishes, and tensile strengths.

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