Titanium Grade 19 Bar

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Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr is a beta alloy, which is capable of achieving a wide range of mechanical properties. In the solution annealed condition the alloy is very ductile and can be easily cold worked. High strength levels can be developed by cold working, solution treating, and aging, or a combination of these processes. This alloy also exhibits very good resistance to reducing acids. The alloy is commonly used for springs and fasteners for aircraft, tubing in oil and gas wells, and as wire in sporting goods and jewelry, and has limited availability in wire, bar, tubing, sheet, and plate.
Titanium Grade 19 Bar is lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant and abundant in nature. Titanium and its alloys possess tensile strengths from 30,000 psi to 200,000 psi (210-1380 MPa), which are equivalent to those strengths found in most of alloy steels. The density of titanium is only 56 percent that of steel, and its corrosion resistance compares well with that of platinum. 
Greater corrosion resistance
Higher tensile strength
Brilliant polish
Excellent machine strength
High creep resistance
High temperature strenght
Excellent mechanical properties
Power generation
Medical industry
Hydro-carbon processing
Marine industry
Exhaust pipe shrouds
Airframe skin
Chemical processing
Chlorate manufacturing
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