Available Titanium Foil & Titanium Strip

Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.
Titanium Foil & Strip (cold rolled, annealed)
Grade: GR1; GR2
Thickness: minimum 0.025 mm (25 μm)
Width and length: 500 mm or cut to size
Samples will be available and can provide you various size you want.
We can meet the requirements of your elongation by controlling the setting of the rolling process parameters and the setting of the annealing process. Our titanium foil can be stamping all kinds of stamping parts.Our company can process titanium plates with thickness between 0.5mm and 1mm for stamping heat exchangers . Elongation can exceed 50%.GR5 titanium foil with high strength and high corrosion resistance at the same time, to ensure that the material has a certain stamping performance, you can stamping some of the smaller deformation of the workpiece . 
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