Titanium for Daily Use

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From golf clubs to wristwatches, eyeglass frames, knives and even jewelries, titanium use is spreading to all kinds of products of our daily lives.

Club head made of titanium

Titanium alloys are used for the heads of golf clubs.

More golfers choose drivers with titanium heads which are larger and lighter and achieve long distance and straightness.

Titanium Watches & Eyeglasses

Titanium is used for eyeglass frames because it is very light, does not rust, is friendly to the human body (does not cause allergies), and has just the right amount of flexibility. Titanium is also used in wristwatches for these same reasons and because it gives them a luxurious appearance.

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium is light, does not cause metallic allergies, and has a unique and fashionable texture. Therefore, it is widely used in jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, tie pins, and cufflinks.


Titanium is harmless to the human body and hygienic. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for kitchen knives. Titanium knives keep their sharpness six times longer than that of stainless steel.


Titanium bicycles

Bicycle frames made of titanium alloys are also very popular. Currently, there are nearly 50 companies producing titanium bicycles. The United States has long been the largest manufacturer and consumer of titanium bicycles.


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