Features of titanium spectacle frames

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The difference between pure titanium spectacle frames and other materials
(1) Light weight, about 40% of stainless steel.
(2) The hardness is high, about twice that of stainless steel and ordinary steel, twice that of iron, and six times that of aluminum. In the ultra-low temperature world, titanium will become harder and have the properties of superconductors, while steel will become fragile and incompetent. A "titanium submarine" made of titanium alloy can dive to a depth of 4,500 meters. Generally, steel submarines are easily damaged by water pressure when they exceed 300 meters.
(3) Corrosion resistance and no rust. Titanium will not corrode if soaked in the sea for 5 years, while steel will corrode and deteriorate in the sea. Titanium alloy is used to make the shell of the ship, and the seawater cannot corrode it. Therefore, titanium is often used to make equipment such as chemical industry, seawater desalination, seawater cooling in power plants, or glasses, watches...
(4) Good thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of titanium is about the same as that of stainless steel.
(5) Good touch, the touch of titanium is soft and smooth, without the cold feeling of other metals.
(6) Non-allergenic material. Titanium is a harmless material to the human body, and because it does not produce allergic reactions to the human body, it is one of the few metal materials used in the human body in medicine (such as artificial tooth roots, artificial bones...)
(7)Titanium can also be made into a "memory alloy" with memory function together with metallic nickel. The car shell made of this "memory alloy", if deformed after a crash, only needs to be washed with water at a specific temperature to restore the car's appearance to its original shape.
The reason why titanium frames are more expensive than other materials:
The cost of refining titanium is quite high and the output is limited, so it is only used in some very important fields, such as aerospace, electronics industry, precision instrument manufacturing, etc.
The second reason is that the production process of titanium frames is complicated. The production of titanium metal frames The production of titanium metal frames requires special processing equipment, special welding technology and electroplating technology, many processing procedures, and high production costs.
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