XOT Metals, your expert on Nonferrous metals!


XOT Metals, a subsidiary of XOT(Xi'an Ocean Trading),it is one new band and branch focus on Manufacturing,Research &Development, and sales of Superconducting Nbti alloys,Niobium,Nickel,Tantalum and Molybdenum alloys in form of plate, wire, bar, tube, and machined parts,fasteners,etc

In order to meet the quick shipment demand,we keep big inventory on Nbti bars,plates ,wire and Top Purity Niobium tubes and Tantalum plates, bars,and tubes and Molybdenum & Tungsten plates.

Most stocked Nickel alloys plates & foils imported from Europe and USA.

With the support of Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metals Research and our Experienced technical team, will offer one Stop soloution for your nonferous metals application.
XOT Metals, your expert on Nonferrous metals!

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