XOT tungsten parts received high praise from customers

Our company has producedsome precision processed tungsten parts for a major jewelry manufacturer in Europe, which received high praise from customers and won the procurement plan of the year 2020.


5.8*26*42mm  purity 99.95%

Although the customer did not put forward the tolerance requirement for this size, he did put forward the harsh weight requirement (+1, -1) g.

This has brought great difficulties to our processing, and we have to adjust our processing methods and techniques. When the product was delivered, the acceptance was 100% qualified. In the process of processing, we raised the problem of chamfering and size modification to the customer, which improved the use effect of the customer and finally won the trust and support of the customer


XOT, in order to improve the support for the customer's project, in addition to the titanium machining parts, we successively provided the customer with niobium titanium machining parts, pure niobium crucible and standard parts (DIN933,DIN912), molybdenum screws and CNC parts, and won the customer's high praise.


With the deepening of the business, we will provide customers with one-stop service for non-ferrous metal processing parts.

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