The Nbti47 sheet supplied by XOT for magnetic shielding passed the test of the University of Australia and received favorable comments

 Entrusted by the client, we have recommended and produced NBTI47 plates 10*200*200mm and 20*300*300mm according to the magnetic field strength requirements of their scientific research.
 After receiving the goods, the customer reported that there was no magnetic shielding effect and questioned our products. After communication, it was found that the customer's service temperature was wrong.
Because Nbti superconducting materials must have a superconducting effect at 4.2K. The customer's existing means cannot reach this temperature, so we use YBCO to make the matching mold according to the final application product size and use environment of the customer's product.
YBCO+ liquid nitrogen can reduce the temperature to below 4.2k, so the NBTI47 plate can perfectly exert the magnetic shielding effect.
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