Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy

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Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy

Ta10W tantalum alloy was developed for elevated temperature uses and has multiple applications in the high temperature aerospace field. These uses include nozzles, inserts, directional devices and structural materials. Tantalum-10% tungsten has a combination of low temperature ductility and fabricability in both the recrystallized and the wrought condition and is a weldable alloy. Through the historical use of tantalum-10% tungsten and its varied fabrication techniques, sufficient data has been generated to insure confidence, allow relatively inexpensive processing and restrictive part applications. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in many media and is available in all commercial mill product forms, machined netshaped components and assemblies are also available. The data presented here reflects a collection of previously published data on tantalum-10% tungsten.



90% tantalum, 10% tungsten


≥99.95% or 99.99%


plate, sheet, rod, strip, tube, sputtering target



Tantalum Tungsten Alloy Products

* Plate
* Sheet
* Strip
* Rod
* Sputtering Target
* Tube

Other Tantalum-tungsten products

Tantalum tungsten alloy crucibles, Tantalum-tungsten alloy nuts, Tantalum-tungsten alloy bolts, Tantalum-tungsten alloy heating elements, Tantalum-tungsten alloy shielding screens.


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