Ti6Al4V ELI Titanium Wire for Dental Implants

Ti6Al4V ELI Titanium Wire for Dental Implants
Standard: ASTM F136
0.8 round wire
1.1*2.9 flat wire
2.0*1.0 flat wire
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GR23 Titanium Wire is the higher purity version of Ti 6Al-4V. It can be made into coils, strands, wires or flat wires and is the top choice for any sort of situation where a combination of high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance and high toughness are required. It has a superior damage tolerance to other alloys.
These benefits make Ti 6AL-4V ELI the ultimate dental and medical titanium grade and can be used in biomedical applications such as implantable components due to its biocompatibility, good fatigue strength and low modulus.
As mentioned earlier, titanium has the ability to fuse together with living bone. This property makes it a huge benefit in the world of dentistry. Titanium dental implants have become the most widely accepted and successfully used type of implant due to its propensity to osseointegrate. When bone forming cells attach themselves to the titanium implant, a structural and functional bridge forms between the body’s bone and the newly implanted, foreign object.
Titanium orthodontic braces are also growing in popularity. They are stronger, more secure and lighter than their steel counterparts. And of course, medical grade titanium’s biocompatibility makes its use in braces even more beneficial than its competing alloys.
Future of Bio-medical Titanium
It is expected that use within the biomedical industry will only continue to grow for titanium in the coming years. With the baby-boomer demographic continuing to age and our health industry pushing for people to live more active lives, it’s only logical that the medical industry will continue researching new and innovative uses for this popular metal alloy. And with health care reform a current major issue, titanium’s cost-efficiency adds even more appeal to those looking to cut health care costs.
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