Nitinol Wire - Shape Memory Nickel Titanium Alloy Wire 

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What is the difference between Superelastic and Shape Memory Nitinol?
Superelasticity is a phenomenon when Nitinol gets back to its previous shape and it is very hard to deform. It behaves almost like spring steel. Nitinol is superelastic in two cases:
- if it has temperature slightly over the activation temperature
- if it is a raw never annealed Nitinol
Nitinol with shape memory could be easily deformed under the activation temperature. It behaves almost like a tin wire with one difference - it can't be bend to too acute angles
XOT manufactures nitinol wire (nickel titanium alloy wire) from various grades of nickel-titanium alloy (Nitinol) commonly used in medical applications as well for other various applications. Medical grade Nitinol material comprises nickel and titanium in nearly equal atomic weight percentages; per ASTM F2063, a nickel content of 54.5-57 wt% is specified for using in surgical implants. Nitinol (nickel titanium  alloy) with different compositions and phase transformation temperature can be used for other applications.
We suggest you try some and compare it to our regular material to gain a better feel for its characteristics as there may be unexpected pros or cons depending on your application, best identified experimentally.
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