XOT obtained the invention patent "Preparation Method of High Purity Ti-Ni-Cu Shape Memory Alloy Ingot"

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With high precision ratio, high purity of sponge titanium and nickel particles under the condition of high vacuum after vacuum electromagnetic induction heated mixing smelting, make ingot casting a superfine crystal alloy, reach or exceed the standard required by the composition of ingot casting, thus ensuring minimal ingredients evenly, stable phase transition point, at the same time in the process of preparing raw material control the impurity element such as nitrogen, oxygen content, It is ready for the preparation of fine crystal filament. XOT has obtained the invention patent authorized by the State Property Office in January 2020 "preparation method of high purity Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy ingot" (patent number: ZL201910163666.1).


The use of our research and development of independent technology: ultra-fine wire deep processing technology and ultra-fine wire surface treatment technology has played a good technical guarantee for the smooth progress of the project, suitable for mass automatic production. The prepared products have excellent performance, surface quality and fatigue performance reach the frontier level of similar products.


The main characteristics of Ti-Ni-Cu alloy are super-elasticity and memory. Compared with ti-Ni two-element alloy, adding the third element will make the performance different, and its deformation times can reach tens of millions of times without fracture.

Ti-Ni-Cu alloy has greatly expanded the application field of memory alloy, electromagnetic couplers, temperature sensors, microelectronics and optical devices, information storage media, and artificial heart valves in the medical field have a wide application potential. In addition, the memory alloy can be used to convert heat from the outside and environment into electricity, or to develop new cooling units.
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